Date Function


the [short | long | abbr[ev[iated]]] date or


The date function returns a string representing the current date set in your machine. The date function is frequently used to store or display a date in a field. By default, the date returns the short date. The following shows the three forms of the date function. Form: the short date Format: 4/18/92 Form: the abbreviated date the abbrev date the abbr date Format: Sat, Apr 18, 1992 Form: the long date Format: Saturday, April 18, 1992 _______________________________________ Examples: Type the following into the Message Box and press Enter: the date By default, Oracle Media Objects returns the short version, for example, 8/11/93. Type the following in the Message Box and press Enter: the abbr date Oracle Media Objects returns a date in the following format: Tue, Apr 21, 1992 You can also place the date into a variable. Enter the following two lines in the Message Box and press Enter after each: dayofweek When you type dayofweek, Oracle Media Objects returns: Tue
This text has been mechanically extracted from the Oracle Media Objects MediaTalk Reference, © 1995 Oracle Corporation, and is provided here solely for educational/historical purposes.