Cell Tabular Chunk


cell <row1>,<col1> [to <row2>,<col2>]
{of | in} <pickList | dataSheet> Applies to picklists, datasheets


The cell chunk yields the value in a particular cell or range of cells in a pickList or dataSheet. A cell is identified by a horizontal (column) and a vertical (row) component. In the returned value for a range of cells, each row is delimited by returns and each column is delimited by tabs.


You can specify ranges of cells, as in the following example: cell 1,2 to 1,18 of pickList "Movies" You can use text chunk expressions with tabular chunk expressions by enclosing the tabular chunk expression in parentheses, as in the following example: get char 1 to 5 of (cell 1,2 of pickList 3) Attention: You can use a combination of text and tabular chunk expressions to retrieve values, but not to insert values into containers.


The following handler displays a dialog box prompting the user to enter data only if the user clicks the mouse in a cell. If the user clicks on a label, no dialog box is displayed. The handler must be entered into the script of a pickList or a dataSheet with its lockText property set to true. on mouseUp rowNum, colNum if rowNum > 0 and colNum > 0 then colNum with cell rowNum, colNum of me put it into cell rowNum,colNum of me end if
This text has been mechanically extracted from the Oracle Media Objects MediaTalk Reference, © 1995 Oracle Corporation, and is provided here solely for educational/historical purposes.