Visual Effect Command

Syntax: visual effect <effectname> [in <integer> [ticks | seconds | milliseconds]] Applies to cards, stacks


The visual effect command produces a visual effect when moving from the current card or stack to the destination card or stack. You can specify the speed at which a visual effect occurs by specifying the number of ticks in which the transition should be completed. Visual effects apply when navigating to another card or stack or when unlocking the screen on the same card. Therefore, the command must be reissued for every navigational move. The default time unit is ticks. The following visual effects are available in Oracle Media Objects: blinds {up | down | left | right} dissolve iris {open | close} pixelDissolve (Macintosh only) scroll { up | down | left | right} wipe {up | down | left | right} zip {up | down | left | right Each visual effect is described below: blinds: This simulates the closing of a venetian blind, but wipes the destination card or stack over the current card or stack.. dissolve: The current card or stack slowly dissolves to reveal the destination card or stack. iris: This is sometimes called zoom. This effect either opens or closes the destination over the current card or stack. pixelDissolve: On the Macintosh, this effect dissolves from the current to the destination object one pixel at a time. This is a smoother effect than dissolve. On Windows, this is the same as the dissolve effect. Note: The toolbar must be hidden for the pixelDissolve effect to work. scroll: This effect scrolls the destination over the current object. Scroll differs from the wipe effect in that it actually moves, rather than simply revealing, the destination object. wipe: This effect wipes the destination over the current object.


Create a new stack with two cards. Paint one card red and the other card yellow. Go to the first card and create a button with the following script: on mouseUp visual effect dissolve in 10 seconds go to next card visual effect zip close in 5 seconds go to previous card visual effect iris open in 5 seconds
This text has been mechanically extracted from the Oracle Media Objects MediaTalk Reference, © 1995 Oracle Corporation, and is provided here solely for educational/historical purposes.