AutoHilite Property


set the autoHilite of <button | shape | bitmap |
pickList | dataSheet> to <boolean> bitmap | Applies to buttons, datasheets, picklists, shapes


The autoHilite property controls whether a button, shape, dataSheet, or pickList row is highlighted when clicked. The visual effect of clicking on an object whose autoHilite property is true depends on the object style properties. For example, a rectangle-style button whose autoHilite is set to true is highlighted briefly when the user clicks on the button; but when the mouse button is released, the rectangle button returns to its unhighlighted state. However, clicking on a radio button whose autoHilite property is set to true toggles the state of the button: if it is highlighted, it becomes unhighlighted; if unhighlighted, it becomes highlighted. Clicking in a pickList or dataSheet whose autoHilite property is true highlights the row that was clicked in. To highlight multiple rows, hold down the Shift key (for contiguous rows) or the Ctrl key (for non contiguous rows) while clicking. Note that the lockText of the dataSheet must be true for its rows to be hilighted. Clicking on an object whose autoHilite property is false provides no visual effect, regardless of the style properties.



Create a button and name it "AutoHilite Off". Go to the button's Info dialog box and verify that autoHilite is not checked. Now create another button and name it "AutoHilite On". Go to this button's Info dialog box and check the autoHilite property. Clicking on the "AutoHilite Off" button provides no visual response. Clicking on the "AutoHilite On" button provides a visual response similar to "turning on."
This text has been mechanically extracted from the Oracle Media Objects MediaTalk Reference, © 1995 Oracle Corporation, and is provided here solely for educational/historical purposes.