MultiFont Property


set the multiFont of <field> to <boolean> Applies to fields


When set to true, the multiFont property allows fields to contain multiple text fonts, colors, sizes, and styles.


If a field's multiFont property is set to true, information about that field's text properties is stored only during the current session. Thus, if the multiFont property is set to false in a future session, the field will assume the default text characteristics of a newly created field.


set the multiFont of fld "test" to true Note that the contents of the field assume the font named in the field's textFont property. Try selecting text in the field and changing the font again. Do the same for other words or parts of words, and experiment with color, size, and style. Finally, enter the following line in the Message Box and press Return: set the multiFont of fld "test" to false
This text has been mechanically extracted from the Oracle Media Objects MediaTalk Reference, © 1995 Oracle Corporation, and is provided here solely for educational/historical purposes.