MouseStillDown Message


For dataSheets and charts, dataSheets, pickLists: on mouseStillDown [<row> [, <col>]]
end mouseStillDown For bitmaps: on mouseStillDown [<pixelColors>] For all other objects: on mouseStillDown end mouseStillDown Sent to the most recently clicked object _______________________________________ Description: The mouseStillDown system message is sent repeatedly while the mouse button is down. Oracle Media Objects sends this message first to the top nonhidden object clicked on. If that object has no handler for the message, the message continues to travel along the message hierarchy. If the user clicks in a physical cell of a dataSheet or pickList, two parameters are sent with the mouseStillDown message identifying the row and column of the data that was clicked. MouseStillDown is always preceded by a mouseDown message. When mouseStillDown messages are issued, they always alternate with idle messages. This happens so quickly that the messages appear to be sent simultaneously.


The mouseStillDown message is not issued if the user places the insertion point or makes a selection in an unlocked field. In this case, all movements of the mouse and all keystrokes are processed directly by Oracle Media Objects. This message is not sent to the palette, sound, path, or timer.


The mouseStillDown message can be intercepted to implement draggable objects. Create a new button and place the following handler into its script: on mouseStillDown set the location of me to the mouseLoc end mouseStillDown
This text has been mechanically extracted from the Oracle Media Objects MediaTalk Reference, © 1995 Oracle Corporation, and is provided here solely for educational/historical purposes.