Animate From Command


animate <object> from <x,y> to <x,y>
<in | for> <integer> <ticks | seconds | milliseconds> [step <integer>] [accelerate | decelerate | natural] Applies to all objects


The animate from command animates the movement of an object from one location to another. For all objects, the animate from command moves the object from the first x,y coordinate to the second x,y coordinate in the amount of time you specify. Time is measured in ticks (sixtieths of a second), seconds, or milliseconds. The animate from command modifies the object's location property. The accelerate modifier causes the animation to increase in speed from beginning to end. The decelerate modifier causes the animation to decrease in speed from beginning to end. The natural modifier causes the animation to accelerate at the beginning and to decelerate at the end. If no modifier is used, the animation progresses at a constant speed. The step option allows you to specify the number of units during which each object is visible. This option makes sense only if you are animating multiple objects.


on mouseUp 300,300 in 120 ticks end mouseUp
This text has been mechanically extracted from the Oracle Media Objects MediaTalk Reference, © 1995 Oracle Corporation, and is provided here solely for educational/historical purposes.