Go Command


go [to] [destination] <card | background>
[of <stack>] go [to] <card | background | stack> Applies to backgrounds, cards, stacks


The go command takes you to the specified [destination]. Valid destinations are the following: first last next previous back Any ordinal If you don't specify otherwise, Oracle Media Objects assumes that the destination card is the first card in the specified stack. Oracle Media Objects assumes that you want to go to the current stack unless you specify another stack. If you go to a background, you go to the next card with that background (not to the first card). If the current card has the specified background, you remain in the current card.


To specify a card, you must include the word "card," or "cd," and the name, number, position, or ID of a card in a stack. Note that you cannot access a card using the go command if the card's name is a number. In the case that you have a card named "3" and a card number 3, the command go card "3" will go to card number 3, not to card "3". To specify the background, you must include the word "background," or "bg," and the name, number, position, or ID of a background in a stack. To specify a stack, you must include the word "stack" and the name, number, or ID of any stack. You can specify a visual effect to be used on opening the card by issuing the visual effect command before you use the go command.


Type the following commands into the Message Box and press Enter after each to navigate to another card or stack. go next card go back go to card id 5
This text has been mechanically extracted from the Oracle Media Objects MediaTalk Reference, © 1995 Oracle Corporation, and is provided here solely for educational/historical purposes.